Hay jus

Jens Rittmeyer

This hay jus is a meat-based sauce boasting wonderful hay aromas and the perfect complement to any meat dish. Each batch of jus takes several days to prepare, over the course of which our “sauce god” Jens slowly simmers down lamb bones, vegetables, high quality wine with herbs and spices until they turn into darkly sumptuous wonderfulness. Hay jus has long been a signature sauce at Jens’ restaurant N°4 – now it’s time for it to shine in  your kitchen.

Needs to be shipped and stored refrigerated.



200ml jar


(€107,50 per 1L)


Perfect as a dark sauce for hearty meat dishes. It’s not any day that you fry up a beautiful beef steak or fine lamb. Once you’ve got yourself a special cut, you’ll want the right sauce with it: one that doesn’t overpower the flavour of the meat but also isn’t drowned out by it. Well, here is the solution to all of your troubles: Michelin-starred goodness in a jar!


Jens Rittmeyer
There is only one thing greater than Jens Rittmeyer’s passion for cooking with regional ingredients from Germany’s North: lovingly preparing sauces, jus, stocks and any concoction that beautifully elevates any meat or vegetable. There is really no one who is as good at the craft of making sauces as Jens, who was awarded his first Michelin star at the age of 27. Sauces, for him, are more than a mere accompaniment. Using only seasonal, high quality products from around Buxtehude, Jens prepares products that are bound to make your homecooking Michelin star worthy.