Imkerei Mädelfleiss

Back in 2013 Bettina and Elisabeth started producing honey in Berlin; their products allow you to taste the richness of Berlin’s blossoms and flowers. When it comes to their production methods, they like to keep things simple, because bees know best how to make spectacular honey. The result is similarly pure, simple, and of course “vocally local.” 

The inclusion of the honeycomb brings you an even more refined taste and intricate texture. Plus, it intensifies honey’s countless health benefits by releasing enzymes that promote its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting effects.

150g jar


(€ 70.00 per 1kg)


At the restaurant we try to use as little actual sugar as possible – honey is a perfect alternative. Also be sure to try the honeycomb with good cheese or sprinkle it with some coriander seed. Elisabeth and Bettina recommend having it the traditional Arabic way with a handful of nuts.


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