Juniper brandy


This juniper brandy from Eversbusch may technically be a gin, yet it is the antithesis of all the trendy gins that have sprung up over the past 20 years. The Eversbusch distillery have been producing their Doppelwachholder 46% since 1817 using the same traditional methods and applying rigorous standards to both their ingredients and production processes. You can taste it, too – this is a gin with an identity entirely its own.

If you’ve tried to order gin & tonic at Nobelhart & Schmutzig, you’ll know that this is the only gin we stock. And for good reasons, too!



700ml bottle


(€30.71 per 1L)


Have it as an aperitif Gin & Tonic style on ice or enjoy pure as a digestif.


The Eversbusch company was founded in 1780 in Westfalia’s Hagen and has been producing their famed Doppelwachholder 46% since 1817. The company still remains in the same family’s hands and continues to adhere to the strict quality standards and recipes of their great-great-great-grandfather Peter Christoph Eversbusch. Even when it comes to choosing importers of their juniper berries, they’ve stuck with the same suppliers for many decades to ensure consistent quality. A prime example of traditional craftsmanship.