Muscle Tonic

Frank Leder

The traveling apprentice who has just completed his respectable journey of three years and one day (as pictured on the packaging) isn’t the only one who treasures the therapeutic effect of this muscle tonic. Prepared with real Korn liquor and oil of rosemary and caraway, this invigorating tonic helps soothe strained muscles and, when applied externally, prevents soreness the next day.

100ml bottle


(€360.00 per 1L)

Frank Leder
If there is one designer who brings German tradition into his work without dabbling in odiously naive notions of “Heimat”,  it’s Frank Leder. In terms of aesthetics and production, his collections are firmly indebted to the legacy of German craftsmanship, reimagining guild clothing and traditional folk costumes.The bulk of Frank’s sales happen in Japan and frankly, we think it’s a scandal that there is as yet not one German fashion store selling his stunning attire. His cosmetics, too, are full of subtle references and Frank’s trademark wit. His fragrances may sound unusual, but are thoroughly joyful – don’t be surprised if even a hand soap named after long begone butcher’s products leaves you wanting more!