Laundry bag


Billy’s good “guilty” conscience aka Lorraine Haist brought this wonderful product to our attention. The main idea behind the Guppyfriend laundry bag is to raise awareness around the problem of microplastic. When we wash synthetic clothing, microplastic particles enter rivers and oceans and accumulate toxins that are ingested by fish and other marine life with their food. Not only is this terrible for the poor fishies, but also for us, as all this plastic nonsense eventually ends up back in our bodies. 

That’s why the Langbretts have founded STOP! Micro Waste gUG, a non-profit company, to which the proceeds from the Guppyfriends are donated. The STOP! Plastik Akademie makes knowledge from research and practice available to students and adults in their workshops. It is clear that there is still a lot to be done, but it is easy to join in: scrap single-use plastic from your shopping list, filter washing water, critically question advertising promises, wash better, buy less and buy better.

According to the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT, 86% fewer fibers of synthetic clothing break off on average when washed in the Guppyfriend laundry bag. The fibers that nevertheless break off are deposited in the corners of the bag and can easily be removed and disposed of after washing.

The Guppyfriend reduces fiber breakage and protects clothing.
Broken plastic fibers are retained. The bag itself does not shed fibers.
A sweet little reminder to change our washing and buying behavior.

  •       Produced in Portugal and Poland
  •       Filter textile from Italy
  •       Packaging and instructions in German, English and French
  •     100% plastic free packaging
1 bag (50 x 74 cm)



We offer the Guppyfriend as a pragmatic interim solution for microplastics while still remaining on the lookout for efficient polishing cloths made from natural biological fabrics. And who knows: maybe we will soon be able to offer you polishing cloths from Langbrett GmbH here in our store.

Guppyfriend is a venture of Langbrett GmbH which produces clothing from sustainably-sourced raw materials. They’re all about resource-conscious production, waste reduction and fair payment of producers and employees. In addition, Langbrett is also committed to animal welfare and refrains from using environmentally damaging additives. Any product you’ve purchased from Langbrett can be returned to the store after you’re done with it and they’ll recycle it into something new.