Vulva cup

Dirk Aleksic

These cups were made by Dirk around the time of the Vulvae exhibition in our windows. Like all vulvas and all of Dirk’s ceramics, each one is totally unique. We only have a limited number of pieces available, so get yours now! 

Of course you can put the cups in the dishwasher without any problems, they can easily take that!

It’d be best, really, if you come to pick up the chinaware at our restaurant, because there’s always a risk of breakage during shipping (try as we might to wrap them as securely as we can). If that doesn’t deter you, we’re happy to ship these beautiful pieces to you at your own risk. If something does break, there’s always the option of having them fixed up in the Japanese kintsugi-style: broken items are glued and the cracks are highlighted with a golden line to shed light on the object’s unique history. Find out more at

1 cup (capacity approx 165ml)


(€45.00 per 1pc)

Dirk Aleksic
Born in 1967 and raised in Lower Saxony, Dirk Aleksic spent ten years living in Japan, during which he was ordained as a Soto-Zen monk in the Hosshinj Zen Monastery. Despite the fact that he returned to his roots in Germany, where he started his professional career as ceramist in 2011, the influence of both traditional and modern Japanese ceramics live on in his work. Billy first met Dirk in Berlin Mauerpark and later introduced him to Marco Müller at Michelin starred restaurant Rutz. You’ll find his beautiful work used in fine places such as Rutz, Bandol sur Mer and at our good friends’ place Forsthaus Strelitz.