Yogurt from the milk of organic farmer Michael Langanke from the Schorfheide. Lightly salted and aged for 48 hours, it turns into a slightly sour, creamy labneh. The labneh continues to ripen in the jar and can be eaten even after the expiration date. Just trust your own senses!

230g jar


(€34.78 per 1kg)


Try the labneh sweet or salty: with herbs or smoked fish, with potatoes, or with jam with bread or cakes. Use it instead of sour cream or crème fraîche with stews and braised dishes or use it as the basis of a pizza bianca mixed with goat’s cream cheese. The most simple way to enjoy it is just to have it with a little olive oil and salt.

Recipes for our wild juniper oil

Chef Vadim Otto Ursus and his restaurant Otto are firmly rooted in Berlin and Brandenburg. The restaurant’s kitchen on Prenzlauer Berg’s Oderbergerstraße and a repurposed dacha in Brandenburg’s Schorfheide serve as laboratories and experimentation spaces for Vadim’s culinary endeavours. Using mostly self-grown or foraged produce and strictly regional produce, Vadim and his team ferment, marinate, pickle, and preserve, merging tradition and innovation in all-local seasonal cuisine.