Le Sommelier Carbone Damasse

Atelier Perceval

Time to open your favourite bottles in style! The handle of the “Le Sommelier Carbone Damasse” is made of layered carbon fiber, similar to Damascus steel. Like the classic carbon fiber, but with a slightly different structure, this unique patterned version is also highly resistant to impact and scratching.

Dating back to 19th century models, the Atelier Perceval sommelier knife features a particularly sharp and smooth blade ensuring clean and easy cutting of bottle capsules. In addition, the long and precise spiral corkscrew makes it ideal for opening aged wines and wines with extra-long corks.

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The Perceval warranty

Perceval provide a lifetime warranty on their knives against abnormal breakage.

Excluded from this warranty are breakages due to falling, use of the blade as a lever or handle breakage due to impact. Also excluded is altered appearance due to normal wear and tear.

Atelier Perceval
The Atelier Perceval forge manufactures both modern and classic chef's knives, table knives and pocket knives in Thiers, the historic knife capital of France. The use of high-quality steels and innovative handle materials results in knives that meet only the highest standards. Every single knife is rigorously tested for any defects – so you can rest assured no sub-standard knife ever leaves the Atelier Perceval workshop!