Get high in style! We’re super proud of this very special product we designed with Torben Giehler and the artist collective praise – our very own longpapers. They are a real eye catcher on your coffee table, while Torben’s ALLEGORICAL ELEGY is bound to provide sufficient inspiration while you go on your mind-expanding adventure. The painting can currently be admired in it’s full form and size in Rutz restaurant.

These super soft, 12g ultra thin papers are manufactured in Slovenia, using only wood fibers, natural gum and 100% natural vegetable dye.

3 packets (96 ultra-thin arabic gum papers)


(€4.00 per 1pc)

About the artwork

Torben Giehler – ALLEGORICAL ELEGY, 2020

Acrylic on canvas
160 x 240 cm

“Weave my allegorical elegy” is a lyric from TOOL’s ‘Fear Inoculum.’ Smoke up, turn on the song and see where it takes you.

praise is a multidimensional collective based in Berlin and Hamburg. Together with creative minds of all kinds, praise explores new creative spaces and shares perspectives on art, consumption and consciousness. This progressive community blends boundaries between analogue creation and digital art and donates a portion of all proceeds to supporting artists. Founded in 2019, praise initially focused on aesthetic rolling papers and grinders to make mind-expanding experiences more elegant. It now also offers fine art prints and NFTs.