Menstrual cup


If you’re totally over disposable menstrual products, we get it. Still, if you’re not quite team period panties or #freebleeding yet, reusable menstrual cups may just be the answer you’re looking for. This 100% medical grade silicone cup catches the blood inside your body and can easily be reused after a good rinse in the sink. This saves you money, is great for the environment and actually much less of a fuss than it sounds. (Trust us, we know.) We understand the whole concept might seem strange at first glance, but it’s 100% worth giving the menstrual cup a shot. The einhorns say it best, so be sure to read their handy guide to find out more. 

The einhorn cups come in two sizes: S and M.
The small cup has a diameter of 39.3 mm and holds about 17 ml. The medium cup has a diameter of 43.5 mm and holds 26 ml.

1 cup



Size S is suitable if your vagina is rather short and the cervix is low, you tend to bleed lightly to moderately and you have a strong pelvic floor.

Size M will work if the vagina is on the longer side, your cervix is high, you tend to bleed heavily and you have a rather weak pelvic floor.

Berlin’s very own einhorn produce the best products for down below: condoms as well as menstrual hygiene supplies – all of which look so outrageously good that you won’t even think to hide them. But that’s not all which makes einhorn special. A certified purpose company, einhorn are all about bringing maximum sustainability and transparency to their trade. They make sure to pay the people who grow their raw materials fairly, to reduce plastic packaging and to support biodiversity. With so many good deeds, you won’t be at all surprised that all of einhorn’s products are 100% vegan, too!