Mini vase

The Loving Spoon

The handles of antique, old silver knives are often hollow – and that’s exactly why Maya crafts them into special little vases.

Each vase looks different, as indeed do all the knives that Maya uses to make them. Sizes can vary between 6 and 9 centimetres – just let yourself be surprised! The mini vases have a small magnet on the back so you can attach them to your fridge or any metal surface. Each vase can hold a few light flowers or a slightly larger one (of course depending on the weight).

1 mini vase (approx 6-9 cm)


The Loving Spoon
Maya Chelmis is all about creating sustainable, beautiful objects for everyday use. In this, she fuses ample creativity with her passion for all things vintage and antique – and that’s exactly how The Loving Spoon was born. Maya goes trawling the fleamarkets, auction houses and yard sales of Berlin and Zurich for pieces of antique silverware. These are then lovingly cleaned and restored by hand before Maya adds her very own special finish by engraving them with heartfelt messages.  Maya firmly believes that a gift or personal keepsake doesn’t have to be something new or something that creates more waste in the world. By relying entirely on antique silverware, she creates a wonderful cycle in which she breathes new life into pre-loved objects.