Mushroom stock

Jens Rittmeyer

This mushroom stock takes you right into the earthy dark of the forest. It is so intensely mushroomy with wonderful notes of umami, made from all natural ingredients and 100% vegan. You’ll love it not just for its richness in flavour but for the ease of use: just heat it up and you’re good to go. 



Best before date: 09.12.2022

200ml jar


(€107.50 per 1L)


As you’ll be able to infer from the name, this mushroom stock adds hearty mushroom aromas to any dish. We love it with savoury pan-fried dishes or as an addition to a salad dressing. If you grow your own root vegetables or have a trusted purveyor of flavourful produce, try this stock with Jerusalem artichokes, onions and burdock roots. And if you’re feeling decidedly less vegan, it’s also great with pretty much any type of meat.



Jens Rittmeyer
There is only one thing greater than Jens Rittmeyer’s passion for cooking with regional ingredients from Germany’s North: lovingly preparing sauces, jus, stocks and any concoction that beautifully elevates any meat or vegetable. There is really no one who is as good at the craft of making sauces as Jens, who was awarded his first Michelin star at the age of 27. Sauces, for him, are more than a mere accompaniment. Using only seasonal, high quality products from around Buxtehude, Jens prepares products that are bound to make your homecooking Michelin star worthy.