Einbecker Senfmühle

Mustard is important if you like savoury cuisine as much as we do. But not all mustard is created equal… this is why we’ve picked Einbecker Senfmühle’s Küchensenf as our own kitchen staple. 

Mustard doesn’t actually go bad or spoil, but it loses its spice in contact with oxygen, so be sure to keep it closed and refrigerated. 

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We love mustard sauce with poached eggs and potatoes. If you’re into traditional German cooking, you’ll find no dearth of recipes requiring mustard.

Einbecker Senfmühle
Since its inception in 1923, the Einbecker Senfmühle has been using only regional products from local producers around Einbeck in Lower Saxony. They’re using only traditional methods, in which entire mustard seeds are processed cold and without additives. And that’s exactly what accounts for its superior taste!