Properly spicy mustard made from coarsely ground yellow and dark brown mustard seeds, flavored with vinegar and pickling broth of fermented vegetables. Mustard doesn’t actually go bad, but it does lose its spice faster through contact with oxygen, so be sure to store it cool and closed.

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We probably won’t have to explain the use of mustard to you. If you’re enthusiastic about proper German comfort food you’ll know exactly where and how to use it.

Recipes for our wild juniper oil


Endivie / Haselnuss / Birne
by Kristiane Kegelmann


Rotkraut / Kirsche / Balsamico
by Ursula Heinzelmann
Chef Vadim Otto Ursus and his restaurant Otto are firmly rooted in Berlin and Brandenburg. The restaurant’s kitchen on Prenzlauer Berg’s Oderbergerstraße and a repurposed dacha in Brandenburg’s Schorfheide serve as laboratories and experimentation spaces for Vadim’s culinary endeavours. Using mostly self-grown or foraged produce and strictly regional produce, Vadim and his team ferment, marinate, pickle, and preserve, merging tradition and innovation in all-local seasonal cuisine.