Nicola 044


Peter Day, Kempen, Niederrhein
Potato brandy

In the first half of the 19th century potato brandy became the first spirit to be mass-produced. A number of smaller breweries continued to exist in Germany up to about 2013, when the end of Germany’s Brandweinmonopol legislation for bonded breweries drove many such manufacturers out of business. What luck, then, that Peter Day quit his day job in advertising to found his brewery in 2017. His NICOLA 044 is the antithesis to conventional, flavourless vodka, a single-variety spirit full of drive and character. It boasts floral and nutty notes and even some hints of apricots and dried fruit.


500ml bottle


(€54.00 per 1L)

The Freimeisterkollektiv is dedicated to keeping alive the art of traditional spirit production in small, artisanal distilleries. The independent distilleries that have joined up in this open network produce both radical novelties as well as reinterpretations of old classics – all of which are among the best in Germany and beyond.