Nobelhart pencils

Caran D'Ache

If you’ve had to sign a credit card bill after a long night at our restaurant, you might have noticed our beautiful pink pens. Oh, if we had a Euro for every time we’re asked whether you could take them home, we could close up shop. And that’s just the honest guests who don’t just slip them into their pockets! Not that we’d blame you, after all, they are quite special. Manufactured in Geneva in a workshop looking back on a rich history of over 100 years, these exquisite pens combine craftsmanship and a keen sense of innovation. In addition, Caran D’Ache pay special attention to sustainable production and social responsibility.

If you’re not the pink kind a person, we got you covered with the choice of neon green or yellow.

One pencil


(€21.00 per 1pc)