Nobelhart water bottle

MKM Keramik

Time and again, our guests ask us where they might be able to buy our beautiful ceramic water bottles. Well, there used to be no easy answer. But now we can finally say: at our Nobelhart online shop!  Fun fact: back in 2015 when our batch for use at the restaurant was produced, it was the smallest order ever processed by MKM.


1 piece


MKM Keramik
Since 1963, MKM has been working with Westerwald clay - a material that enjoys an excellent reputation for its quality and purity. This supremely natural raw material - also known as the "white gold" - is found right on the company's doorstep, which makes sustainability efforts all the more easy to implement, with short distances, a high degree of flexibility and low transport costs. In addition to their appreciation of craftsmanship, MKM also attaches great importance to innovation: as of yet, MKM is the only company that can produce screw caps for ceramic bottles in large series. The development of jugs that meet the requirements of carbonated beverages is also an absolute novelty.  Their ceramics are a prime example of quality “made in Germany!”