Organic Balsamico di Modena


Simone’s Aceto Balsamico has nothing in common with (organic) supermarket products, which are often coarse or unpleasantly sour and conceal their defects with sugar and dye. No – this reddish-brown balsamic is a true artisanal speciality, lovingly aged for at least 12 months in the oak barrels that Simone inherited from his great-grandfather.

To make this special vinegar, Simone uses only grapes from his own vineyard. 70% of his vineyard goes to the Lambrusco Grasparossa grape variety, typical of the region. 30% falls on white Trebbiano Modenese, normally used for the traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena. 

The result of this artisan production process can be smelled and tasted: a multi-layered aromatic scent rises up into your nose, while woody and fruity notes spread out on your palate and linger for a long time. “Retrogusto” is what the Italians call it – once you’ve tasted this quality, you won’t want to go back

750ml bottle


(€46.67 per 1L)


Add this exquisite Aceto Balsamic to any salad dressing. Also works perfectly in combination with tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and olive oil (Emidio Pepe, Valentini).


Rotkraut / Kirsche / Balsamico
by Ursula Heinzelmann
Simone is an organic balsamic farmer from the south of Modena who carries out each individual step of his small-batch vinegar production. From the vineyard to the pressing, the cooking to the storage in the attic, in the old oak barrels of his great-grandfather as well as the bottling: yes, all this happens on Simone's farm according to time-honoured traditional methods.  The term “Aceto Balsamico” means the same as “balsamic vinegar” and is usually used for vinegars produced in the Italian provinces of Modena - hence "di Modena" - and Reggio Emilia. But beware: what lurks behind the term “aceto balsamico” on supermarket shelves is usually mass industry sludge. Anyone can call their vinegar “Aceto Balsamico”, no matter where and how it’s produced – and even if you carry out only production step in the Modena province, you can add the label “Aceto Balsamico di Modena g.g.A.”. In a nutshell: best stick with authentic artisan tradition, as is the case with Simone’s stellar vinegars!