Organic Napoli piccante

Bio-Arche Gerstner

It all started when the gentlemen from #formerlyknownassosein – now Etz – were guest chefs at Nobelhart one weekend in the spring and enjoyed a few of Barbara’s sausages with our team as a snack. We were blown away – and vowed to get our hands on a steady supply of this very special, spicy salami.

What makes it so good? Well, it’s made from Krainer Steinschaf, a breed of domestic sheep from the borderlands of Carinthia/Slovenia/Friaul, valued for its adaptability and hardiness. It actually. Barbara tells us that the breed dates back to as far as about 3,000 BC, as genetic matches to the Krainer Steinschaf were found in Ötzi’s coat! For the sausage, the farm’s old animals are slaughtered, the meat is then handed over to the Plankstetten monastery, a certified organic butchery. From there on, the sausages are shipped straight to our shop.  

With 95% sheep meat, these sausages are as pure as you’ll get. And as ethical, too: sourced from a wonderful small farm that creates an incredibly delicious product with a lot of love and respect for its animals.

1 salami (ca 250g)


(€66.00 per 1kg)

Bio-Arche Gerstner
Barbara Gerstner and Billy met waaaayy back when Billy was still pouring wine at Nuremberg’s famous Essigbrätlein. Then as now, the Gerstner farm south of Nuremberg has been a veritable safehaven for endangered breeds of domestic and farm animals, the Alpine and Krainer Stein sheep, peacock goats, Pomeranian ducks and Augsburg chickens among them. In this little Franconian oasis, the sheep and goats spend most of the year grazing in the scenic outdoors. Get Barbara talking about her work and you’ll quickly note her passion and love for the animals. Her lambs spend nine months grazing; most of the 230 dams live up to eight to 10 years. That’s a long time, over which Barbara and her family build close relationships with each of the animals. They’re firmly committed to humane treatment at all stages of life: Bio Arche Gerstner vows to never transport or load animals and slaughters them as painlessly as possible on-site. Bio-Arche Gerstner has carried the organic certificate for 20 years and operates strictly under specially set conditions and requirements.