Organic virgin olive oil

Emidio Pepe

In the past, olive trees were planted in the hills of Abruzzo to demarcate properties. And that’s why even today there are still a number of old, beautiful trees on the extensive lands of the Azienda Agricola Emidio Pepe. It would be a terrible shame to let those olives go unused – after all, they are all old, native varieties representative of the Abruzzo region: Frantoio, Leccino, Tortiglione, Dritta and Pendolino.

Typical of the flavor profile of these varieties is that they combine bitterness and fruit. Every year they are harvested by hand and then pressed in a nearby plant. The harvest is taken to the mill the same day to preserve acidity and quality. The olive oil is unfiltered, so there is a slight sediment at the bottom. This is a sign of a high quality oil.



500ml bottle


(€41.00 per 1L)


eingelegte Zwiebeln
by Ann-Sophie Raemisch
Rotkraut / Kirsche / Balsamico
by Ursula Heinzelmann
Emidio Pepe
At Emidio Pepe, grandfather Emidio’s vision is well and truly alive. For over 50 years, the family has grown their wine biodynamically, protecting the harmony and well-being of their Abbruzzo lands. Their approach goes beyond any natural wine trend. It’s about responsibility towards the terroir, the environment, and the people nourished by their food and drink.  And even though the Pepes are mostly known for their wines, their vision goes beyond grape monocultures. On the contrary: the family purchased all the lands bordering on their vineyard to grow a variety of crops in order to bind nitrogen in the soil and promote yeast cultures. This doesn’t just promote biodiversity, but yields wonderful produce used mainly by the family and their friends: chickpeas, olives, flour which gets made into pasta. Well, we are lucky to be part of their illustrious circle of friends and since you are part of ours, you too can enjoy these fantastic products which represent exactly the kind of agriculture we love to see.