Preserved fruit, Rhubarb shower gel

Frank Leder

Perhaps you too remember them, those wintery ventures into the cellar with grandma in search of the bounty of harvests past. Apples, pears, quinces, plums – stacked on the shelves in tall glasses, a sharp turn right behind the coals and potatoes. A childhood memory for some of us, and so much more than that: after all, preserved fruits and vegetables long played a vital role in providing us with vitamins and nutrients in dire times. This shower gel evokes the beauty of a rich tradition. Thanks to the addition of rhubarb – itself a traditional healing plant – it’s extraordinarily gentle and soothing. 

250ml bottle


(€184.00 per 1kg)

Frank Leder
If there is one designer who brings German tradition into his work without dabbling in odiously naive notions of “Heimat”,  it’s Frank Leder. In terms of aesthetics and production, his collections are firmly indebted to the legacy of German craftsmanship, reimagining guild clothing and traditional folk costumes.The bulk of Frank’s sales happen in Japan and frankly, we think it’s a scandal that there is as yet not one German fashion store selling his stunning attire. His cosmetics, too, are full of subtle references and Frank’s trademark wit. His fragrances may sound unusual, but are thoroughly joyful – don’t be surprised if even a hand soap named after long begone butcher’s products leaves you wanting more!