Primordial sea salt

King of Salt
Bad Essen, Lower Saxony

King of Salt is a family-run business from Bad Essen near Osnabrück. (Yes, that’s way west.) Since 2008, they’ve been producing a truly unique salt from the 220 million years old primordial ocean water found around Bad Essen.

Bad Essen’s saline history dates back to the 13th century as notes from the Bishop of Osnabrück confirm – after all, he was responsible for collecting taxes on salt! By modern times, however, the precious saline waters of Bad Essen were relegated to use only in bathing and spa purposes, you know, when bourgeois Germans would go to “take their cure.” A terrible waste, because Bad Essen’s salt is really a one-of-a-kind product. Not only are the saline waters richer in salt than the Dead Sea, but even the resulting salt crystals contain a richness of minerals that are usually lost in the process. King of Salt is completely natural and free of additives. Its spectacular aroma is bound to enhance any dish, in high class restaurants or in your own kitchen!

250g packet


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Schwarzkohl / Kirsche / Haselnuss
by Ann-Sophie Raemisch
Zwiebeln / Buttermilch / Griebenschmalz
by Micha Schäfer
Zander / Barbecuesoße / Tomaten / Leindotteröl


Karottensuppe / Koriandersaatöl / Frischkäse
Rotkohlsalat / Äpfel / Heidelbeere / Wacholder
Safran / Birne / Doppelrahm
by Ann-Sophie Raemisch
King of Salt
Bad Essen’s primal sea salt is among the most valuable natural salts in the world. And for good reason, too: thanks to the town’s specific geological conditions, the primal sea below Bad Essen is the only place where primordial sea water has not turned into rock salt. Instead, it has remained protected from contamination and environmental influences for over 220 million years, resting in marlstone at a depth of 800 meters. The formation of the salt crystals requires a lot of manual work - only 25 kilos of crystal salt are produced per day. But this is the only way to guarantee that all the ingredients present in the primal sea are also preserved in King of Salt Bad Essen primal sea salt. The salt is packaged without further additives, making for a natural primal sea salt of the highest purity and superior taste.