Pumpkin seed nougat


Besides Veltiner, Falco and political populists, Austria is perhaps best known for the taste of pumpkin seeds. Well, here’s a nougat without nuts made from this Austrian wonder. Goes fantastically well with a variety of sweet and savoury dishes.

180g jar


(€83.34 per 1kg)


Make yourself a good sandwich or croissant with pumpkin seed nougat. Also works well as a substitute for herb butter with pink deer loin. In desserts it goes wonderfully with vanilla ice cream or crepes. Otherwise, the nougat also tastes fantastic with ripe blue cheese (e.g. Stilton) or when you get hungry at night.



What you can do with the Berliner Fenster
Johannes Schellhorn from Salzburg and Willi Schögl from Styria came to the Freundschaft through their shared love of wine. This love is also reflected in the trendy wine list with more than 600 bottles, where good swill from Austria plays right at the front. The basement bar, not far from the parade street Unter den Linden, occupies a rather lovely and welcoming niche between restaurant and dive bar. Whatever the time of night, Freundschaft is where you’ll find your well-deserved glass of spectacular wine. Also be sure to try their selection of Austrian food!