Pumpkin seed oil

Familie Oswald

Crack open the bottle and this precious pumpkin oil drips out black as night – only to reveal nuances of brown and olive green as the pure flavour of Styrian pumpkin seed unfolds. It’s delightful and utterly intense, so be sure to use it sparingly at first and work up to where the magic happens. And it will! After all, this oil is made with all of the experience and expertise of the Oswald family who handle each step of production, from growing the pumpkins to pressing and bottling. A wonderfully honest product we can’t get enough of.

250ml bottle


(€72.00 per 1L)

Familie Oswald
The Oswald family has been running their farm in southwestern Austria for generations. It’s a true family business where everyone helps out, with care, conviction and passion. Every year, pumpkin, corn and wheat are grown on the land in Mitterdombach. Every year, the challenge is to keep a firm grip on the interplay of sowing, rearing, the intense weather of Styria and finally the harvest of the pumpkins.  How we came across these wonderful Austrian pumpkins? Well, our own Micha Schäfer used to work with Felix Heuser at Villa Merton in Frankfurt. Felix is the cousin of farmer Christoph Oswald – and now runs his own restaurant, the Eichbaum Tresen, in Darmstadt.