Quince juice 2020

Stefan Vetter

Stefan Vetter gets the quinces for his juice from a fruit grower friend with old orchards. The fruits are carefully washed by hand, the bitter fluff removed from the peel. The quinces are then gently pressed before the unfiltered juice is bottled. The complexity of the juice is similar to that of Stefan’s wines: the intense, almost floral aroma does not belie its more tart components, while delicate sweetness is balanced by fresh acidity, before the whole thing extends into a crazy long finish.

700ml bottle


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Stefan Vetter
Stefan Vetter is one of our personal heroes – and not only thanks to his pioneering role in the transformation of Franconian wine. No, it’s his bold and characterful sparkling wines made from apples, pears and quinces that have washed Stefan into our hearts. Back in 2010, Stefan started out with just a few old Sylvaner vines in the Casteller Kirchberg vineyard, which he was only able to tend to when off from his job at Austria’s Nitthaus winery on weekends. Then, starting in 2012, he built his own organic winery in Gambach from scratch. His focus remains on what is arguably the most Franconian of all grape varieties, Sylvaner, as well as Müller Thurgau and Riesling - all wines that clearly reflect their origins thanks to Stefan's light hand and deliberate minimalism.