Radish powder


This one is so full of aroma that it needs a warning on the packaging. Use it sparingly and you’ll be wowed by the intensity and complexity of flavour. It pairs best with vegetables that can stand up to its strength: try it with fennel or radish (no kidding!).

15g packet


(€800.00 per 1kg)


A great addition to white meat or fish – for a quick lunch, take a chicken breast, fry in a pan with just little fat and douse with cream, add a little radish powder and cook briefly to achieve a creamy sauce. For a vegetarian version swap the meat for pasta!

Recipes for our wild juniper oil

Back in the late 1990s, the "Essigbrätlein", where our own Billy Wagner used to work, gave important and pioneering  impulses to German gastronomy. Andree Köthe and his chef Yves Ollech said goodbye to classic ingredients of top gastronomy, such as foie gras, and have since been using vegetables from root to flower with a great deal of creativity and enthusiasm. And this always with the aim of eliciting the maximum of flavours from every part of a vegetable. Over the years, various  seasonings (oils, powders, essences) have been created that contribute to  the perfect taste. For the first time, the Essigbrätlein is now selling several of their special essences in a limited edition via the Nobelhart & Schmutzig online shop, to help you bring that Essigbrätlein touch to your homecooking.