Raisin stollen

Jan Kaiser

When Billy asked his 100% Saxon father to point him towards Saxony’s best stollen, Michael Wagner didn’t miss a beat: why, it’s the Stollen Kaiser’s stollen, of course! 

Jan’s recipe hails back to his great-great-grandfather and the only thing he has amended is that he uses clarified butter instead of lard. With such a generous helping of butter, he of course needs flour high in gluten to kit it all together. The milk, meanwhile, comes from farmer Mugge’s down the road, boasting a tasty 5% fat and ample flavour. Then Jan sets to roasting the almonds for extra taste and adds a good dash of rum – which doesn’t come from Jamaica but from Saxony and actually tastes rather more of brandy. His raisins are sourced from Turkey, spending a good 6-8 weeks curing in the rum in old honey barrels. The only other ingredients? Strong hands, dough savvy and talent. 

The baked stollen are then placed in two old pig troughs which Jan inherited from his grandmother. There, wrapped in old linen cloths, the stollen are allowed to rest for three days to recover from the strain of baking. Only then are the Stollen buttered and sugared, and then again left to ripen for several weeks.

One thing is for sure: this is a stollen fit for any emperor, Saxon or otherwise. 

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It is an absolute treat to have a glass of milk with the stollen. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going for cow’s or vegan nut milk. Otherwise a classic filter coffee like the one your grandma makes is a perfect match!

Jan Kaiser
Jan is Saxony’s stollen emperor. His name is actually Jan Kaiser, which helps, of course. But then there’s the fact that his great-great-grandfather was the court gardener to Friedrich August I of Saxon, also known as the Saxon Emperor – even though he was really only a Kurfürst. In any case, it is from this great-great-grandfather that Jan got his truly imperial recipe. If Jan’s stollen-baking adventures are interesting, so is his day job: he is operating manager at Menüpartner, overseeing the logistics of catering meals for nurseries, elementary and high schools – all based on seasonal and regional ingredients. But whenever the cold season approaches, it’s off to the bakery for Jan.