Red Long pepper

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Consider this: back in the heyday of the global spice trade, 1 kilo of pepper used to fetch 80.000 Euros. Compare that with the way pepper is treated these days – ground to dust, stretched with additives, devoid of any real aroma. Despite the fact that you’ll find it in any German kitchen, we bet you most people have no idea where their pepper actually comes from, nor how great the range of intensity and flavour is among different types of pepper. 

This Red Long from Kampot is a unique speciality among its peers and has long been underestimated. Simultaneously warm and slightly sweet, this pepper boasts a strong, balsamic, almost animalistic spiciness, which it combines with chocolaty and floral-fruity aromas. A true miracle of taste.

Kampot pepper, like all other spices, should be stored in a cool, airtight, dry and dark place. This preserves the aroma in the best possible way. 


50g packet


(€238.00 per 1kg)


Red Long Pepper is perfect with hearty cheeses, lamb, stews, smoked fish, strong wine sauces, as well as fruit sorbets or even cocktails.

When using the pepper for cooking, be sure to use whole peppercorns (e.g., in a tea bag) as the hard shell helps retain its volatile aromas. Grinding it and cooking it at high temperatures quickly strips it of its elegant and finely complex aromas as the fragile aromatic compounds evaporate, leaving only the pepper’s spice. And what a waste that would be!




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Hennes' Finest
Hennes’ Finest's very own pepper boys Sebastian, Bastian and Martin discovered the almost forgotten Kampot pepper back in 2009 while working on a project in Cambodia. Impressed by the quality, the aroma and the people behind this stunningly flavourful product, they decided to bring it to Germany. The pepper grows naturally under the best climatic conditions on fertile laterite soils in the Kampot region of Cambodia. Both cultivation and harvesting and subsequent selection of the best grains are done by hand.  In Kampot, Hennes' Finest works with over 100 small farmers who also benefit directly from each gram of pepper sold. On the packaging there is a code allowing you to trace the pepper back to the farmer who grew it. In Germany, the pepper is packaged and shipped from a non-profit facility. Hennes' Finest strives for sustainable, conscious consumption and fair conditions.