Redcurrant fruit spread

Peter Kunze

Peter gets the red currants he uses for this spread from his mother’s garden in Baden-Württemberg. Worry not about pesky little currant seeds in this spread – they’ve all been filtered out. What remains is a smooth spread abundant in delicious acidity and just a touch of sweetness.
70% fruity fruitness!

220g jar


(€45.45 per 1kg)

Recipe for fruit spread by Peter Kunze

Peter Kunze
Ja, ja Billy and Peter Kunze go way, way back. And ever since they first crossed paths at Nuremberg’s Essigbrätlein, Billy has refused to buy his fruit spread from anyone other than Peter. What makes it so special? Well, it’s simple: Peter only uses the best produce. Sure, that’s what it says on the label of the cheapest, bottom-shelf jam as well, but with everything we know about price, taste and availability of high-quality produce, we can assure you that Peter’s is the real deal. We’ve picked out our two favourites from his assortment and we’re sure you’re bound to love them, too.