Christian Metzner

Enjoy your cocktails in style with this stunning set of four RESORT straws. Made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, Christian Metzner’s straws aren’t just a practical concession to sustainability, but a thoroughly enchanting design object in their own right. Their gently shimmering exterior dazzles with hints of blue, yellow and purple – this is thanks to the special production methods employed by the traditional Czech glassblowers who craft all of Christian’s glasswares.

The straws are good to go in the dishwasher – don’t worry, they’re durable and won’t break. They come in a set of four with a small cleaning brush and a gift wrap.

Set of four with a small cleaning brush and a gift wrap


(€35.00 per 1 Set)

Christian Metzner
Christian Metzner founded his label in 2006. Then as now his design language is of timeless clarity, containing a certain degree of seriousness which he subverts through the use of playful, vivacious elements. Christian relishes in using uncommon materials and adding subtle and imaginative details – a tongue-in-cheek take on tradition!