Rye sourdough bread

Domberger Brot-Werk

Artisanally crafted, 100% rye sourdough bread as you know and love it from an evening in our restaurant. The leavening process takes 20 hours and makes for a wonderfully aromatic bread even without the addition of any herbs or spices. This bread contains gluten and keeps for 5-6 days.

We get the bread delivered Tuesday through Friday late in the afternoon. Therefore, you need to place your order on the day before until 6pm. You can pick up the bread after 7pm Tuesday till Friday.

650g loaf


(€10.29 per 1kg)

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Domberger Brot-Werk
Domberger Brotwerk is our favourite bakery in Berlin, no question about it. Their sourdough loaves contain four essential ingredients: flour, water, salt and time. Well, those and a healthy dose of craftsmanship and a thorough understanding of the intricacies of dough.  At Domberger’s, rye and wheat sourdoughs are allowed to rest and rise for more than 24 hours. (This is called “dough management” in baker lingo.) What happens during this time is a mix of science and magic. In the process of fermentations, gluten proteins become more digestible and starch absorption is slowed. The bread forms a better crumb, stays fresh for longer and is packed full of nutrients and aromas thanks to the wealth of “living” cultures. Florian’s motto for good bread? Less yeast, more time. Don’t cut corners, let the dough do its work. Indeed, Domberger breads need a bit more time even after purchase as aromas continue to develop over several days – it takes one or two for them to reach their full potential.  Former logistics expert and jetsetter Florian Domberger learnt the tricks of the trade from Björn Wiese in Eberswalde. A thoroughly nice and chatty Swabian, he modestly describes himself as “a reasonably competent baker” who has learnt to understand the dough.