Saffron peace package

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The Afghani province of Herat is known as the “cradle of saffron” – and as one of the region’s opium hotspots. Now, crocus sativus is once again to be found in the fields where not long ago, only poppies bloomed. Conflictfoods has teamed up with an independent women’s collective that farms the world’s most expensive spice according to traditional methods. To produce 1kg of saffron, they remove and dry the filaments of over 200.000 crocus flowers.

Afghani products have had a difficult standing for many decades: they didn’t meet European or American standards, there were issues with production or packaging, and many traders didn’t travel to the conflict-ridden country to begin with. Only thanks to Conflictfood’s efforts has Afghani saffron once again become available in Europe – making a real difference to womens’ lives and building new peaceful prospects.

Both options contain the same amount of saffron. But only the big peace package comes in a manufactured box, made by the “Schachtelmacher”, a Berlin based workshop run by people with disabilities. As another extra, the package includes colourful recipe and info cards either to keep or to give away as a present to your loved ones.

1g portion

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Saffron adds a golden yellow colour and gentle aroma to any rice dish as well as desserts and sweet baked goods. If you’re in need of inspiration, grab your favourite Ottolenghi cookbook – he’s all about saffron and we love his recipes.

Try making a risotto – here’s a simple recipe.
Saffron is one of those spices that will give a simple dish or component an air of expensiveness – try a few threads in chicken broth, a buttermilk sauce or a milk mayonnaise, the taste of a bouillabaisse will be elevated as well for sure. If you prefer the sweeter things in life: a pear poached in saffron syrup is best served warm, with a big scoop of wheat beer ice cream on top.


Safran / Birne / Doppelrahm
by Ann-Sophie Raemisch
Conflict Food
Fair, direct and honest – that’s what Conflictfood’s socially sustainable and holistic approach to sourcing foods is all about. Building close relationships with farmers in conflict regions and fostering cultural exchange through the shared pleasure of food, Conflictfood brings transparency and responsibility into their trade. The team regularly travels into conflict zones to scout out new specialities and forge new ties with local producers.