Shoe laces

Posh Schuhe Berlin

Real, sturdy, hand-crafted leather shoelaces grandma and grandpa would approve of. The cowhide used to make these 1.20 long straps is tanned using only vegetable extracts and – we’ve said it before – as robust as it gets. Seriously, forget about torn shoelaces! These are so resistant that you’ll be able to use them for a good number of things aside from tying up your shoes and boots, e.g. wrapping, crafting, braiding or tying up your friends and partners. 

Choose from three classic colours. 

1 pair of laces


Posh Schuhe Berlin
Posh Schuhe Berlin is a master shoemaker and cobbler’s store in Berlin Kreuzberg. Founded in 1938, this family business specialises in custom footwear and repairs of shoes, bags and leather accessories. Whether you’re looking to get your favourite pair of heels fixed or have special medical needs – Posh Schuhe do all of that and more to a standard you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Our Billy has been a loyal customer and big fan of Posh Schuhe for years now and has been recommending them left right and center, so it is no wonder we’ve now got them at the shop.