Seasonal calendar

Wann was wächst
unlimited re-use

A very special, timeless calendar centering seasonality and locality – conceived, designed, photographed, and produced by two creative professionals in Berlin. 

Perhaps you’re asking yourself why you might possibly need another calendar, especially an analog one. But hear us out – this one is different. It comes without weekdays, for one, so it’s good for a long time to come. But what’s really special is that this is a calendar that’s all about what grows and flourishes in and around Berlin, indicating the availability of fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables for each month. It’s a fantastic guide to sustainable and local consumption, combining aesthetics and functionality. If you’re as much of a locavore as we are – and similarly annoyed by plastic packaging and apples from South Africa – there is really no way around it. 

47 x 28,5 cm portrait orientation

1 calendar


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A calendar without weekdays – it’ll serve you well for many years to come!

Wann was wächst
Anna Sourminskaja has been working as a stylist in still life for more than eight years, and as a set stylist for food shoots since 2016. John Brömstrup has been active in food photography in 2014, after embarking on his career as a photographer back in 2010. Together, the two came up with the idea of a seasonal food calendar so as to schedule regular shoots at their studio. And not just does the result look great on their portfolios, but it is a truly valuable resource in and for itself. We’re told the calendar is only the beginning, so stay tuned!