Sesame vinaigrette

The Duc Ngo

This dressing goes back to the hot summer of 2011 when The Duc Ngo and his head chef Daniel Feldsmann found themselves with a load of beautifully ripe tomatoes. They came up with this sesame oil/soy vinaigrette to boost their sour notes and umami aromas  – and it’s perfect for much more than just tomatoes!


Best before date: 01.12.2022

220ml bottle


(€70.45 per 1L)

The Duc Ngo
It has been nearly twenty years since The Duc Ngo opened his first restaurant, Kuchi, bringing quality sushi and Asian fusion food to Berlin. He’s since become something of a legend, having expanded his empire to include restaurants all over Berlin and Germany, among them Kantstraße’s famed Madame Ngo, 893 Ryotei  and Funky Fish. The focus in The Duc’s restaurants is always on his own favourite foods as well as the culinary inspirations he comes across on his many travels. This is how he describes the core of his style: “I always look for old recipes, ask old locals about traditional recipes. There’s nothing better than tradition – my job is only to reinterpret them in a contemporary way.”