Set of 3 cable pattern socks

Frank Leder

Frank Leder’s “Generalvertretung Berlin” project aims to give a wider platform to small producers from all over Germany. You know, the ones who’ve been honing their craft for generations and whom you won’t find on the internet. Frank keeps the essence of these beautiful, traditionally made products untouched, but brings to them a more modern approach in terms of packaging and distribution. 

These gorgeous socks are a perfect example of this. They’re knitted on the ancient machines of a small factory in Swabia out of 100% cotton yarn spun in Germany. They are lighter and softer than woolen socks and come in a beautifully designed box. If you like giving people socks as gifts, look no further – and consider treating yourself to a pair, too!

In case you want to go for your favourite colour rather than the set of 3, we also have the socks in wine, navy or grey available for you. These you can also get for €132 if you put 3 in your shopping cart.

3 pairs


(€43.33 per 1pc)

Frank Leder
If there is one designer who brings German tradition into his work without dabbling in odiously naive notions of “Heimat”,  it’s Frank Leder. In terms of aesthetics and production, his collections are firmly indebted to the legacy of German craftsmanship, reimagining guild clothing and traditional folk costumes.The bulk of Frank’s sales happen in Japan and frankly, we think it’s a scandal that there is as yet not one German fashion store selling his stunning attire. His cosmetics, too, are full of subtle references and Frank’s trademark wit. His fragrances may sound unusual, but are thoroughly joyful – don’t be surprised if even a hand soap named after long begone butcher’s products leaves you wanting more!