Bio-Arche Gerstner

If you’ve ever been to our eatery, you’ve already cozied up in one of these delightfully fluffy sheepskins. Well, after five years it was time to order a new batch – but not just from anywhere. We immediately thought of Babs and Stefan of Bioarche Gerstner, who make the best salami from their herd of endangered breed sheep. 

Bioarche Gerstner’s sheepskins are tanned only with detergents, salt and sawdust. Some come with a slightly firmer skin, if the animals were a bit older. Sometimes the edges come with small tears, or you may be able to find traces of injuries in the fur – after all, these sheep live in a flock and scuffles do happen. If the hairs are a little finer, that’s because of coat changes. All of that is natural and makes each sheepskin totally unique. 

You get to choose between two kinds:
Light skins of spectacled sheep or dark skins from the Alpine, Villnöss and Krainer Steinschaf. 

These are not medical grade skins, so don’t put them in the stroller. 

1 sheepskin (approx 110cm x 70cm)



Care: Basically almost none. Brush them out, get out the carpet beater, drag them through the snow. Babs says that’s enough – just don’t ever put them in the washing machine.

Bio-Arche Gerstner
Barbara Gerstner and Billy met waaaayy back when Billy was still pouring wine at Nuremberg’s famous Essigbrätlein. Then as now, the Gerstner farm south of Nuremberg has been a veritable safehaven for endangered breeds of domestic and farm animals, the Alpine and Krainer Stein sheep, peacock goats, Pomeranian ducks and Augsburg chickens among them. In this little Franconian oasis, the sheep and goats spend most of the year grazing in the scenic outdoors. Get Barbara talking about her work and you’ll quickly note her passion and love for the animals. Her lambs spend nine months grazing; most of the 230 dams live up to eight to 10 years. That’s a long time, over which Barbara and her family build close relationships with each of the animals. They’re firmly committed to humane treatment at all stages of life: Bio Arche Gerstner vows to never transport or load animals and slaughters them as painlessly as possible on-site. Bio-Arche Gerstner has carried the organic certificate for 20 years and operates strictly under specially set conditions and requirements.