Shiro miso

Mimi Ferments

Traditional miso is made from salted and fermented soy beans, sometimes with the addition of rice. It’s a true allrounder in Japanese cuisine, making for that wonderful umami flavour we can’t get enough of – and it turns out it works just as well with some more Euro-style dishes in need of savoury richness. Markus and the good people at mimi ferments make their miso paste from organic Italian rice and soy beans from Bavaria before leaving the paste to ferment for three months. It isn’t pasteurised, so all the cultures remain alive.

By the way: this miso was awarded the Best German Miso award by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.


200g jar


(€59,50 per 1kg)

Miso is often used as a marinade for white meat, fish or veggies and makes for a great soup or sauce basis. Shiro Miso is a little sweet, with a hint of yellow fruit such as apricot. It’s gluten free and vegan.


Sellerie / Haselnuss-Röstmalz / Mayonnaise
Mimi Ferments
Fermentation is a science in its own right. Each product requires specific conditions, a good amount of time, and a keen, knowledgeable eye to guide the process to its umami-packed finale. Markus Shimizu spent 15 years refining his craft and making fans among some of Germany’s most renowned chefs. In 2017, he founded mimi ferments, Berlin’s prime address for miso, soy sauce, mirin and co. Each product is made only from certified organic and ideally regional ingredients, made entirely by hand and achieved through natural fermentation without additives. All of mimi ferments’ products are unpasteurised, meaning they’re alive and full of health benefits.