Shrimp Powder

North Sea, Germany

The powder is made from the shrimp carcasses left over after Baldon’s capable hands have pulled out all their juicy meat. Turns out these are too good to go to waste, as the powder is a terrific flavour enhancer. Have it on a sandwich to add a note of North Sea or use it to refine dips and sauces.

50g jar


(€160.00 € per 1kg)


Try it on your breakfast egg instead of salt and you will immediately feel transported to Sylt (or your favorite North Sea island). The powder is also great in a tomato or hot sauce. Or use it in combination with other herbs and spices or chili and lemon zest. The powder also supports the natural fermentation process, for example in kimchi.

As exponents of Berlin regional-seasonal kitchen scene, Wedding’s Baldon – housed in the magnificently brutalist Lobe Block – works primarily with what is currently growing and thriving in the fields of Brandenburg. When it comes to meat and fish, they rarely compromise. With veggies, on the other hand, produce from neighbouring countries may find its way onto your plate, so don’t be surprised to taste lemon in a BALDON dish. The cuisine is inspired by preparation techniques from all over the world, using spices collected on the teams’ many travels or gifted by friends from abroad.