Sogni d’Oro Amaro


Johannes’ love for Italy inspired this very special Amaro – which is truly the antidote to any industrial and/or mass produced Amaro you may or may not have had. 

Each ingredient has its own story, and Johannes truly goes out of his way to find exactly what he needs to turn this into a peerless drink. Departing from a base of his own eau-de-vis, Johannes proceeds to macerate various herbs, flowers and roots in it. In spring, for example, he will harvest mint and wormwood from his own garden as well as from the gardens of friends and acquaintances. In the summer, he forages for flowers in orchards around the Black Forest. In the fall, he goes digging for roots. To source gentian, he climbs up to 1500 meters. The lemons, meanwhile, come from a citrus grower friend in Sicily, whose organic citrus grove is at the foot of Mount Etna. Finally, his Amaro is refined with honey from the Black Forest. 

As you can see, Kolonko Amaro is an all-around seasonal product that requires an incredible amount of craftsmanship, commitment and patience, so you won’t be surprised to find that it is available only in small, limited quantities.

Store refrigerated!

500ml bottle


(€118.00 per 1L)


This Amaro is excellent both as an aperitif or digestif – best served chilled or on ice. Or serve it Nobelhart-style as an Amaro Tonic with an extra large ice cube.

In 2009, Johannes Kolonko began his training as a winemaker. He then pursued degrees in viticulture and enology in Germany and Italy – and with his growing love for natural wines and spirits, it wasn’t too much of a surprise for Johannes to find himself engrossed in the world of eaux-de-vie. In 2017, he settled in the Markgräferland (to the south of Freiburg) and by 2018, he’d become the proud owner of his own distillery, having converted his farmhouse and leased an old meadow orchard. The rest is history – one you can (and should!) taste.