Solidarity T-shirt

Michel Tolmer

This project, which we are only too happy to support by selling these T-shirts, was brought to our attention by Bernd Kreis from the Kreis wine shop.

The entire proceeds of the T-shirts go to “Vendanges Solidaires”, a solidarity fund for French winegrowers. This is an organisation that supports young wineries (not older than 10 years) that have run into difficulties due to extreme climatic events such as hail, frost and drought. Young wineries because they usually do not yet have any financial reserves, are often in debt anyway and are thus quickly threatened in their existence.

The initiative is limited to France because they were not only hit particularly hard this time (7 frosty nights in a row!), but also because they have suffered heavy losses almost every year since 2014 and many are now really in trouble. The well-known French artist Michel Tolmer has provided the drawing that can be seen on the T-shirts with the help of a first-class screen printing process. Tolmer is known in the wine scene for his drawings, comics, labels and posters. 

T-shirt made from 100% Fairtrade organic cotton.

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Michel Tolmer
Michel Tolmer kindly provided the drawing for the Solidarity T-shirts. Anyone who has ever had a glass in a wine bar in France has probably seen Tolmer's work. He is ubiquitous in the world of natural wine and has helped to both celebrate and explain the ethos behind organic viticulture and 'no sulphur' winemaking.  Michel recently turned 60 and has worked as an artist for 30 years, creating images around the world of wine for a variety of media: Wine labels (Roches Neuves, Selosse, Breton...), posters, logos, paintings and murals. He loves to combine illustrations with words and text and is best known in France for his comic strips about the three wine tasters, Mimi, Fifi and Glouglou. Michel says about himself, "I'm probably not a pure artist at all, but more of an advertiser, and my customers are those whose wines I like to drink!"