Game ragout

Nobelhart & Schmutzig

Our ragout is both puristic and timeless, made with meat from wild game around Brandenburg, onions, white wine from the Lückert family in Franken, Luisenhall salt and butter from the Siebengiebelhof. We simmer our ragout at a low temperature over many hours and this – along with the quality of the ingredients – makes for its superior taste.

220ml jar


(€68.08 per 1kg)


If you’re looking for something slightly less puristic, add some curry paste or powder. Or turn the ragout into a tasty goulash with a  little vinegar and paprika spice. Also a spoonful of our smoked butter, is an unexpected delicious turn in this ragout.

As a side dish, pick whatever you like best: pasta, rice, polenta, potatoes or dumplings.