Jens Sierra Lingemann

At some point when rolling up your very favourite spice in our snazzy longpapers, you’ll find yourself in need of something to stuff it in. Well, we’ve been known to reach for the nearest pen or pencil, but no more: here is the most stylish alternative, brought to you by Frank Leder, Jens Sierra Lingemann and Billy Wagner. 

This little stodger is handmade by Jens using valuable brass – it has a lovely warm colour and will age beautifully. It comes with different diameters on each end to suit your needs.

For a very special, blingy limited edition, Jens has added a small diamond to the stodger.

1 stodger (L:15,5 cm, Weight: 0,065ct)

80,00 220,00 


Best is to not do anything in particular and to let it age well. For cleaning just wipe the tin with a damp cloth.

Jens Sierra Lingemann
Jens Sierra Lingemann is a master goldsmith, jewelry designer and diamond dealer dedicated to creating custom jewelry and special jewels. He set up shop in Berlin back in 2007, continuing a family tradition that spans many generations. Right from the beginning, Jens has relied on building close relationships with diamond dealers in India and Hong Kong to be  able to offer certified diamonds below the common market price in Germany.  One of Jens’ frequent and favourite collaborators is designer Frank Leder. In their joint venture – the small fashion label Suff – they gather inspiration from iconic bars and translate their essence into shirts with matching cufflinks.