(Echt) Stonsdorfer 031


Lisa Bauer – DeVin Gin & Bitter
Ödgraben, Fehring, Südoststeiermark

Lisa Bauer got the idea for this herbal bitters from an old recipe for a herbal liqueur from the Silesian village of Stonsdorf, the “Echt Stonsdorfer”. She expanded the unusual combination of blueberries and bitters with currants and sloes and reworked the mixing ratio of the ingredients – that’s why it’s not 100% true to the original, but it meets Lisa’s standards in terms of the quality of the ingredients. 

In terms of taste, it goes in the direction of Italian amaro or red vermouth with fine spice, delicate bitterness and slight spiciness. In addition, there are concentrated fruit flavors and mild sweetness. Truly unique!

500ml bottle


(€42.00 per 1L)


Either straight up or on ice as a digestif or with beer, but definitely chilled. 

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