If you’ve visited our lovely gender neutral bathrooms, you’ll be aware that we proudly provide tampons for anyone in need of them. Of course, there is only one brand we trust with such intimate products: our buddies einhorn from Berlin, purveyors of persistently top-notch things for down below. 

Einhorn tampons are made from 100% organic cotton and are completely fair and sustainable. In addition, we love the message behind them: menstruating quietly and discreetly is a thing of the past. These are tam!tampons – so get the pack and make some noise! 

Choose between piccolo, normalo and super depending on your needs – we’re sure it’s not your first rodeo anyways. Or choose the whole set of 3 to be on the safe side.
If you’re curious about how einhorn handles the issue of packaging waste, you can read more

16 tampons

2,95 3,45 


The 3 golden tampon rules by einhorn:

  1. Wash hands before using. (Very smart)
  2. Always use the smallest size possible for the amount of bleeding. (Also smart)
  3. Change tampons every 4-8 hours. (Galaxy brain)

Berlin’s very own einhorn produce the best products for down below: condoms as well as menstrual hygiene supplies – all of which look so outrageously good that you won’t even think to hide them. But that’s not all which makes einhorn special. A certified purpose company, einhorn are all about bringing maximum sustainability and transparency to their trade. They make sure to pay the people who grow their raw materials fairly, to reduce plastic packaging and to support biodiversity. With so many good deeds, you won’t be at all surprised that all of einhorn’s products are 100% vegan, too!