Tangerine spirit

Spiritus Rex
Tardivo di ciaculli

If you’ve ever found yourself missing Christoph Keller’s legendary blood orange, then you’ll love this one, promise. 

Using Sicilian mandarins of the tardivo di ciaculli variety, Matthias Sievert has really conjured up a special kind of spirit. Thanks to gentle filtration, a lot of essential oils remain in the distillate – and this makes for a wonderfully enduring fragrance and flavour.

350ml bottle


(€272.43 per 1L)


Potential to storage: 1-8 years

Spiritus Rex
Fruit brandy legend Christoph Keller refers to him as his brother in spirit/s – and we are just as excited about Matthias Sievert’s Spiritus Rex distillery. Filling the void left by the closure of the vanguard Stählemühle, Matthias Sievert uses excellent, traditional craftsmanship to produce fruit brandies of exceptional quality. Based in Schleswig Holstein’s Bad Malente, Matthias handpicks only the finest ingredients – whether it’s rare plums from a tucked-away orchard in Northern Germany or South Tyrol’s unparalleled pears.