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Nobelhart & Schmutzig

Here’s one for a special occasion: New Year’s Eve, your anniversary, a special evening à deux (or à however many)… The protagonist of this box is a bottle of  l’Atavique Brut Reserve, which really gets to shine (and keep its temperature) in our Le Creuset wine cooler, designed by David Schiesser. Needless to say, we’re also including a selection of classics from the Nobelhart orbit: crunchy hazelnuts, creamy salted caramel, hearty hazelnut/roast malt spread as well as the set 1&2 untempered chocolate by CC 104.

This assortment comes in a special gift box designed by Michael Sans. 

Gift wrap

Why not add a special Furoshiki style gift wrap by Frank Leder for a modest €24? This pure cotton cloth comes in a stunning anthracite blue, with an illustration courtesy of Veronika von Manz.and makes for an amazing apron.


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This box contains

Hazelnut & roast malt spread

Use our hazelnut and roast malt spread wherever you’d usually use chocolate sauce. Maybe it’s time for your next hazelnut banana split: just add banana and a spoonful of our magic spread to high-quality ice cream. Or stir it into warm milk for a fabulous, hot chocolate style drink. Fancy some cake? Use instead of cocoa powder! 

Salted Caramel

We’re simply unable to resist salted caramel – and why would we? Our Nobelhart variety is made from Germany’s best unrefined sugar, courtesy of Naturata. Then we add spectacular cream and of course the nominal pinch of salt. It’s deliciously creamy, sweet and salty and packs enough calories to add nicely to your well-earned lockdown belly.

Caramelised hazelnuts

Hazelnuts, lightly salted, caramelised and infused with juniper berries. The delicate and elegant berries are a great match for rich caramel. To snack on during your next Netflix binge or with coffee and tea. Alternatively, pimp up your whipped cream or vanilla ice cream by adding crushed hazelnuts.

l’Atavique Brut Reserve – Mouzon Leroux et Fils Champagne

Pale straw yellow with fine perlage. On the nose: brioche, hazelnut skins, stewed apples and white mushrooms. A ripe fruit and aromatic depth. A wine with a lot of umami, full-bodied and fresh.

Untempered Chocolate

CC/104 stands for Craft Chocolate / Prenzlauer Berg, made by Simeon Rückert, proud disciple of the grandmaster of chocolate, Holger Int’Veld. If you’ve been looking to get real nerdy about cocoa, look no further – this is the highest level. Untempered chocolate brings out the authentic taste of the bean and its terroir. Untempered chocolate explodes the familiar flavor profile and is purist and funky at the same time. All the chocolates are intensively fermented, briefly roasted and made according to the same recipe with 80% cocoa. What flavor comes through in the process? Quite simply: ALL OF IT. Depending on the variety, untempered chocolate boasts flavors of exotic fruits and cinnamon to roasted sesame, kombucha and fine spices. Once you have tasted this chocolate, there is no going back to the industrial goods from the supermarket or delicatessen shelf. Take it from Simeon: Let your techno be industrial, not your chocolate! 

Wine cooler

What could be more inspiring than intoxicating conviviality, maybe a little nudity, lightheartedness,… you know. The mood of a great evening or the next outing, where you leave reason at home and just have a good time. That’s how we want to send you off into the next weekend with these unique items. After all, what could be worse than showing up to the next party or picnic with a bottle that’s too warm and not getting it up to drinking temperature in time? And with David’s illustrations on it, it also looks really chic on the dining table. Of course, we didn’t choose just any run-of-the-mill cooler for this product, but specifically Le Creuset’s high-quality nylon wine cooler in a chic meringue. So that the wine cooler is ready to use immediately, simply leave in the freezer at home. If necessary, directly over the bottle and off into the bag – off you go.

Recipes & Ideas

Nobelhart & Schmutzig
If Billy is to be believed, Nobelhart und Schmutzig only exists so that he can easily get his hands on the best food the Berlin and Brandenburg region has to offer. And so he can help himself to any of the 1308 different wines stored in our lovingly curated cellar….  But all joking aside, the motto at Nobelhart is:

Putting Local Food Back in Your Hands!

Nobelhart & Schmutzig has been “vocally local” from the start. Since first opening our doors in February 2015, we have grown fearlessly into our current role as Germany’s most political restaurant. This involves a conscious decision to shift the focus squarely onto the people, all from the greater Berlin region, who produce our raw ingredients. This self-imposed renunciation of products from afar, including lemons, tuna and chocolate, is the foundation of our eatery’s distinctive signature. There’s more at play here than just culinary aesthetics. Serving this philosophy also intrinsically means promoting environmental and economic sustainability for the people working with the bountiful nature in and around Berlin. It also involves pride in a sense act, even if too few understand it as such. And the ordinary shopping list very much serves as the stage for this modern brand of politics.  In addition to supporting raw ingredient producers from the Berlin region, Nobelhart & Schmutzig works closely with Die Gemeinschaft to establish a new and better eating culture for all. Good, healthy food should provide a future, perspectives and identity for the people who produce it and the companies that transform raw ingredients into fine products.