Twisted sourdough pasta

Pastificio Middendorf

It all began when Lars made it his personal project to create his unique take on pasta. Starting off with normal pasta dough made from Italian flour and eggs, he soon moved on to using only regionally sourced eggs and grains which he processes by hand in his own stone mill, including ancient varieties such as the Emmer and German-grown wheat and spelt. With Lars using nothing but this fresh whole grain flour, his pasta has much more flavour and really tastes of grain. It’s not just a sauce carrier like classic Italian pasta, but has a completely unique profile. Another important step is fermentation, in which he adds sourdough to his pasta dough. This makes for an altogether better and healthier whole wheat pasta.

250g packet


(€23.20 per 1kg)

Pastificio Middendorf
Chef  Lars Middendorf from Klein Reken makes his own pasta in Cologne. Apart from the fact that it is damn good we also have a personal connection to Lars: our very own Micha worked with him in the former 2-star restaurant Villa Merton in Frankfurt am Main.  The Italian word "Pastificio" means pasta maker and Middendorf of course refers to Lars Middendorf himself. His sourdough pasta is made according to the strict methods of Italian craftsmanship, but with German ingredients. In Cologne itself Lars' pasta is usually available fresh, but fortunately for all of us, he also dries some of his varieties, making these easier to ship across Germany.