Uhudler Negroni 004


Gin 206 , Uhudler 017 , Amaro 212

Who doesn’t love a good Negroni. (Emphasis on good!) As with anything, it once again comes down to the quality of the basic ingredients – three of which constitute a Negroni, used in equal parts. How practical then that this taster pack gets you all three at once, in a quality that will spoil you for industrial spirits. WERMUT UHUDLER vermouth contributes fruity-floral aromas, AMARO 212 makes for bitterness and complexity. And GIN 206’s pervasive notes of juniper carry the whole thing. This taster contains 200ml of GIN 206 London Dry Gin, the AMARO 212 herbal liquor and the WERMUT UHUDLER 017 vermouth.


3x200ml bottle


(€45.00 per 1L)

This box contains

Gin 206

Thomas Neubert, Gutsbrennerei Zinzow, Boldekow, Vorpommern 
London Dry Gin

This London Dry Gin is the result of a collaboration between distiller Thomas Neubert and Oliver Ebert of Becketts Kopf fame. Combining ten perfectly nuanced botanicals, this reinterpretation of a classic puts the focus squarely on the heart and soul of gin: juniper. With citric and floral notes, it is a perfectly aromatic gin achieved through careful maceration and distillation.

Amaro 212

Thomas Neubert, Boldekow, Vorpommern
Oliver Ebert, Becketts Kopf, Berlin

Thomas Neubert and Oliver Ebert made this Amaro 212 according to an “aperitivo bitter” recipe, with gentian root, wormwood and cinchona bark immediately perceptible, while cloves and cinnamon lurk in the background. Peach juice and bitter orange add some freshness. Have it on the rocks, use in cocktails or combine with sparkling wine.


Wermut Uhudler 017

Lisa Bauer, Fehring, Steiermark, Österreich

Forbidden fruits are said to taste sweeter and better. Uhudler, a unique wine grown in a small Austrian region between southern Burgenland and eastern Styria, was repeatedly subject to various prohibitions and restrictions. Even today, this wine, which is made from grapes, is only allowed because it is officially not considered wine, but as fruit wine. From this regional and at times illegal specialty Lisa Bauer produces a one-of-a-kind vermouth for the Freimeisterkollektiv. First she distils the wine forming the basis of this drink, then selects the botanicals she uses in order to bring forward the typical berry flavors of the uhudler. In addition to bitter wormwood and gentian root, liquorice root, lemon balm, orange and elderflower blossoms and lemongrass emphasise the Uhudler’s fruity character.


The Freimeisterkollektiv is dedicated to keeping alive the art of traditional spirit production in small, artisanal distilleries. The independent distilleries that have joined up in this open network produce both radical novelties as well as reinterpretations of old classics – all of which are among the best in Germany and beyond.