Beckmann Urtracht

Urhonig is to honey what natural wine is to wine, according to Billy. It is produced with minimal human intervention, making for a radically new and original flavour experience. 

Made by the bees for the bees, the Urhonig matures for 3 years in the innermost part of the hive. It is the flavorful essence of the nature in which it is created. In order to preserve everything that makes it so valuable, the honey is not centrifuged but gently pressed out of the comb. Full of propolis and perga (fermented pollen), this honey is stored in the combs that house young bees, so it hails  from the very heart of the colony. This is how honey has been made for 30,000,000 years and beekeeper Ulrich Beckmann sees no reason to change this.

250g jar


(€80.00 per 1kg)


The dark particles in the honey are propolis and pollen – a sign of true quality.

Beckmann Urtracht
Honey the way we want it: Beckmann Urtracht was founded in 2015 with the goal of putting the bees first, namely ahead of the needs of the beekeeper. Today, Ulrich Beckmann's principles and way of working far exceed anything required for certification as an organic beekeeper. You will not find him compromising on any of the following: natural comb construction, natural nutrition and minimal intervention are his maxims. Ulrich likes to remind us that every jar of honey you hold in your hand was not actually made for you, but by the bees for the bees. Beckmann Urtracht is the antithesis of maximising yields and varietal honeys. This is an original, honest product of spectacular quality, available only in very small quantities.